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Global Initiatives

Scientists in the service of humankind

Initiatives for a Sustainable Society on Earth

A new Global Decision Making System with four separate powers; legislative, executive, judicial and scientific power

This Opinion is an invitation for a scientific (but also public) reflection and action. A technologically advanced society can become sustainable only if the scientific knowledge is the cornerstone in the process of decision making. Hence, we propose to enrich the present democratic system with a fourth power, “the power of knowledge” (or “scientific power”). Decisions of the scientific power (strictly based on the scientific knowledge) must assure the lasting equilibrium between humankind and Nature. A new decision making system with four separated powers (legislative, executive, judicial and scientific power) is a necessary step for the survival of humankind; such a system cannot be achieved without a worldwide rebellion of scientists who should consider all democratic ways of fight including the right to strike on a planetary level.  Of course, we know that all this may seem like a utopia, and presumably it is, yet this is the first time in human history that our survival depends on our ability to realise such utopias. 

This initiative is presented in the following paper (Available at SSRN: or

Some complementary ideas can be found online at SSRN (

Hajdukovic, Dragan and Hajdukovic, Ivan and Hajdukovic, Anja Milica, Sustainable Society or Mass Extinction, that Is the Question (January 18, 2023). Available at SSRN: or