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Ecological State History

This is a historical page on which you can find two booklets (one in English and one in Serbo-Croatian)  written, more than three decades ago, by Montenegrin physicist Dragan Hajdukovic; booklets are a popular presentation of the vision of the “First Ecological State”. Before the publication of these booklets, the initiative was presented to Montenegrin media, to many members of the Montenegrin Parliament, some Ministers, and the most important to the President of Montenegro of that time who loved the vision.

The following document is a short chapter from the book of the President of Montenegro published in 1991. The President Momir Bulatovic describes how long talks with physicist Dragan Hajdukovic influenced him to act. The Parliament of Montenegro on a special session unanimously voted for a Declaration expressing the will of Montenegro to become “Ecological State” (it was the first and the last time that the Parliament decided unanimously). The will expressed by this Declaration was incorporated into the Constitution of Montenegro. Unfortunately political reasons and war in Former Yugoslavia stopped everything.