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Scientists in the service of humankind

World Forum for a Sustainable Society on Earth

First information on the Initiative

World Forum for a Sustainable Society on Earth is intended to contribute to the most important and the most urgent problem of humankind, i.e. a fast transition from our “civilisation” organized in a non-sustainable (in fact a suicidal) way to a sustainable society.

The Forum will have two parts.

  1. A multidisciplinary scientific conference “Sustainable Society on Earth”.
  2. Dialogue between scientists and society

As a complementary activity we will start a new multidisciplinary scientific journal entitled “Journal for a Sustainable Society on Earth”.  The Journal will publish scientific papers, essays and ideas devoted to all aspects of a sustainable society.   

The first part of our Forum (A multidisciplinary scientific conference “Sustainable Society on Earth”) would have two separate parts:

  • Study of already existing damages to life-support systems on Earth and the corresponding impact on humans and biosphere; the expected increase of damages to life-support systems, biosphere and economics…
  • Scientific reflection on what is (according to our scientific knowledge) the best organization of a human society and in particular the best organization of production as the cornerstone of society; recommendations on how to achieve a society organized in a sustainable way.

The second part of our Forum would be a dialog between scientists and other parts of society like environmentally and socially responsible investors, celebrities, non-governmental organizations, politicians… So far only a tiny minority of people in the world is aware of the dramatic menaces to our survival. Scientists have the unprecedented challenge and duty to explain to the citizens of the world the essence and closeness of dangers and how to achieve an extremely urgent transition from our absolutely non-sustainably organized “civilization” to a Sustainable society on Earth; the second part of our Forum is intended to contribute to this goal which is crucial for the survival of humankind.

About Montenegro, the host country of the WFSSE

Montenegro is a small country. A minimum that you should know is that:

  • Montenegro is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
  • Montenegro is a small country with centuries of epic history of successful resistance to different conquerors. As a country of warriors Montenegro was compared with antique Sparta while the very high level of individual freedom of its people was unique in Europe of that time. It is astonishing that such a miniscule country of warriors has printed books in the 15th century (in the time when Christopher Columbus was sailing to America) and had clever and enlightened rulers (among them the greatest poet of South Slavs).
  • Montenegro is the birthplace of the vision to create “The First Ecological State” as a worldwide pilot project and example of a sustainable society. This 33 years old vision was unfortunately prevented by the violent breakup of Yugoslavia and the long lasting tensions after that.  But we still have a dream; the renewal of the vision of “The First Ecological State”.